industrial park development

Electricity Supply


Stability and capacity of electricity are important necessities for factory operation. So, we always work closely with Thailand Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) to always maintain and upgrade the electricity system throughout the industrial zone. At present we have already set up 2 power substations in our industrial zone. This is to ensure that there will be enough power supply for all factories.

1st  Power Substation Capacity: 100,000 KVA

2nd Power Substation Capacity: 50,000 KVA

   (future expansion to 100,000 KVA)

***  Investors are eligible to get the privilege of 10% monthly electricity discount for 5 years from PEA  ***

industrial park development

Water Supply


In order to make sure that our clients will always have enough water supply for their operation, we KIZ has constructed our own water reservoirs to keep up raw water for our own treatment plant.

This is why our water supply capacity for each factory is higher than some other industrial parks.

Reservoir 160 Acres, containing capacity of 4 million cu.m.

Water Supply Capacity: 12 cu.m. / rai / day

industrial park development



Reinforced Concrete Roads

For the convenience of transportation throughout the industrial zone, we Kabinburi industrial zone provides wide, nice & clean main and secondary roads:

Main road: 6 lanes reinforced concrete road (39 meters wide)

Secondary road: reinforced concrete road (23 meters wide)

industrial park development

Security System


●   24 hours security guard on duty.

●   The fires extinguish station and fire engines are available within the industrial zone.

●   Fire hydrants are located at every 350 meters along the road inside the industrial zone.

industrial park development



●   The telephone exchange station with 1,024 lines and additional 2,048 lines for the future.

●   Fiber Optic , 3G / 4G LTE, High Speed Leased Line for Internet, Frame Relay and Video Conference.

●   Mobile Phone Relay Base for digital system 2100,1800 / True,AIS

and analog system 850,900 /True and ADSL2+,VDSL2,FTTx broadband system.

industrial park development

Waste Water Treatment Plant


●   Aerated lagoon with treatment Capacity of 18,000 cu.m./day.




KIZ Forest Lake & Forest Village Houses:

Manager/Executive Level

KIZ provides executive houses for rent located admits nature, we also have lands for selling to construct houses in the residential zone.

KIZ Apartment:

Manager/Engineer Level

3-storey building comprises of 43 rooms with furnished equipment located inside Kabinburi Industrial Zone.

●   Single room size 24 sq.m., 30 rooms.

●   Double room size 48 sq.m., 13 rooms.

Other Facilities


There are many facilities and amenities both inside and around Kabinburi Industrial Zone which will make your life at Kabinburi like your home. Ranging from banks, sport club, convenience store, secondary school, restaurants, etc. You will enjoy your life after work at Kabinburi Industrial Zone, Prachinburi Province.



Kantary Hotel:

3 Stars serviced apartment and hotel

Luxury serviced apartment and hotel just 10 minutes away from the industrial zone. Kantary offers all kinds of facilities and amenities such as, nice & clean luxury rooms, swimming pool, fitness center and executive lounge.

For more information please visit

Serenity Hotel & Spa:

3 Stars serviced apartment and hotel

Luxury serviced apartment and hotel just 10 minutes away from the industrial zone. Serenity Hotel Spa & Onsen is a family boutique hotel with 70 cozy modern and well design rooms. The word “serenity” means being calm, peaceful, and serene.

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Tesco Lotus

One of Thailand's leading retail store chain located just 10 mins away from the industrial zone

Restaurants around KIZ

Enjoy wide varieties of Thai food

Fresh Market

Enjoy wide varieties of Thai fresh food

industrial park development