Locating your factory in Kabinburi Industrial Zone (KIZ), you will be eligible for the privileges from Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) and also many other benefits and advantages which will help your business grow.


●   Strategic location to AEC (Southern Economic Corridor to Cambodia and Vietnam).

●   Easily accessible to deep seaport and international airport.

●   Reasonable land price compared to other industrial estates.

●   Cheaper cost of construction as the factory foundation needs only 6-7 meters piles.

●   Easy to recruit workers with the location close to Thailand’s largest labor forces market.

●   Flood Free Zone with the location of 24 meters above sea level.

●   All infrastructures and facilities are completed and ready for your plant construction.

●   Ready-built factory for rent is also available.

●   Our One-stop service is always ready to support your investment in Thailand.

Privileges from BOI

●   4 – 8 years of corporate tax exemption.

●   Exemption of import duties on machinery.

●   Exemption of import duty and tax on raw or essential materials for the manufacture of exports.

Privilege from Provincial Electricity Authority

●   10% Discount of monthly electricity bill for 5 years.